750-DI, Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise, Swivel Base

Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise, Swivel Base

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Product Description

  • Meets NSN 5120-01-520-9328
  • Made of Heavy Duty Ductile Iron
  • Vise is equipped with (3) three sets of replaceable, hardened steel jaws
  • Parallel serrated jaws, pipe jaws and V-jaws for holding both round & flat stock
  • Vise head rotates 360° with locking at every 30° or (12) twelve different locking positions
  • Vise body rotates 360° using interlocking V-grooved swivel base and (2) two lockdowns to lock at any position
  • Swivel base has (4) four 5/8" Dia. holes for securing vise base to a work bench (fasteners not included)
  • Large built-in anvil
  • No-pinch main screw handle

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Price: $312.80

Additional Information

Model # 750-DI
Item # 11750
Jaw Width (nominal inches) 5"
Jaw Opening (nominal inches) 5"
Throat Depth (nominal inches) 4"
Min Pipe Capacity (nominal inches) .125"
Max Pipe Capacity (nominal inches) 3.5"
Base Swivel
Material Ductile Iron
NSN NSN# 5120-01-520-9328 (5120015209328)
Packaging Dimensions 20" x 10" x 10.5"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 63
Country of Origin China
Warranty Download
Vise - Isometric Download
Vise - Layout N/A
Base Print Download
Serrated Machinist Jaws N/A
Serrated Pipe Jaws N/A
Owner's Manual Download
  1. 5Great Product for The Price, Paint Chips Easily Review by Robert L Huehl

    This is the second one I've bought as I liked the first one so much. It is very sturdy as my friend and I proved while driving a seized bearing out of a trailing arm on a car. We hammered on this thing hard with a 10 lb. sledge hammer and it took it like a champ. My only complaint it that the paint chips off rather easily. (Posted on 8/28/2015)

  2. Good Chinese Quality Review by Jason

    REALLY HEAVY. I'm now considered a blacksmith. I just wish it wasn't do dang big (Posted on 8/22/2015)

  3. Bruce Harvey Greene Review by Excellent purchase. Heavy Duty and very practical

    Excellent purchase. Heavy Duty and very practical. Very satisfied with my purchase. I love the ease with which it rotates 360 in either direction and the pins are do way to use to set the correct angle. (Posted on 8/14/2015)

  4. I was able to sell off my old vises to buy this one and I'm real happy with it Review by fitflops singapore

    I was able to buy this during an Amazon Lighting deal for $40 less, so that made my decision. I had three other vises. I had a 5" Seber ultimate bench vise that I got from Costco cheap (Under $50), but was not heavy duty. I also had an old beat-up American vice from the 1950's, but was just a basic vise. I also had a 1970 Sears 4" vise that the jaws broke. I was able to sell off my old vises to buy this one and I'm real happy with it. No damage from shipping. I have the same comments about the jaws being loose when open, but OK when you close them. I love that the head rotates 360 degrees with a locking locking pin to lock in place at 30 degree intervals. I never knew how handy this is until you have one. The (3) Sets of hardened steel pipe jaws (serrated, pipe jaws and v-jaws) also make it fun to use. Time will tell on how long it will last, but so far I would recommend this to a small shop. (Posted on 7/27/2015)

  5. The last vise I'll ever buy Review by Ronald W Tatum

    Great vise for the money. More than I needed, but not more than I wanted. (Posted on 6/26/2015)

  6. Great vise. Operation was gritty at first Review by M. Lipke

    Great vise. Operation was gritty at first, so I disassembled it and cleaned all the castings. The grease on mating surfaces was pretty full of debris and shavings from casting and machining. Once clean, I re-lubricated all the parts with some good grease and re-assembled the vise. Wow, works like buttah! Well made, well designed, smooth operating. Only reason it did not get 5 stars from me is that the factory should have cleaned it before greasing and shipping to customer.
    Oh, and it came double boxed, with a piece of wood under the vise. Boxes were extra heavy duty, so there was no damage at all. Way better than the $80 vises in all the big box stores. (Posted on 6/24/2015)

  7. Five Stars Review by PATSY ALEXANDER

    Great buy (Posted on 6/19/2015)

  8. Great Vise Review by Kyle Shull

    Very versatile vise. Jaws grip extremely well. I use it for breaking pipe fitting, holding material while welding ect. The only thing I have noticed is that running vise in and out there is a rough I but figure it will Smooth out over time. (Posted on 6/4/2015)

  9. Five Stars Review by Klaus

    Nice quality HEAVY durable vise. One of my better purchases. (Posted on 6/2/2015)

  10. Very good in packaging and delivery Review by F. Wong

    Strong and smooth for clamping operations.
    Vise rotation is rough and not horizontal--lack of precision in machining.
    Very good in packaging and delivery. (Posted on 6/2/2015)

  11. Great, solid vise for general homeowner use Review by Joel Hilden

    I recently made myself a workbench from a 1-7/8" oak butcher block, and I wanted a good vise for general duty. This Yost vise seemed like a good compromise between durability, utility, and cost. Reading the reviews of some of the other vises was a wake-up call. Some are made from 25,000 PSI gray iron, which is too brittle for a proper vise, and they were literally breaking into pieces with normal use. This Yost 750-DI uses 60,000 PSI ductile iron for its main castings, so it's more like cast steel than regular cast iron.

    When I received this vise it was very securely packaged, unlike some previous reviewers reported. It was packed with an inner and outer box. No shipping damage. It's really heavy though, so I can imagine the UPS guy was mumbling something as he walked to my door! Some reviewers reported mounting it with 1/2" bolts, but I don't know why. The holes in mine fit 5/8" bolts, no problem. The vise directions recommend Grade 5 bolts, so I bought Grade 5, 5/8" x 3-1/2" hex bolts plus flat washers, lock washers, and hex nuts. I can't seem to drill a perpendicular hole in anything, so I used my plunge router to start the holes with a 1/4" upcut bit. Using those as pilot holes, I made them bigger with a 3/8" bit and then finished with a 11/16" bit. The 5/8" bolts slipped through easily. I tightened just enough to flatten the lock washers, and the vise is really solid. I'll upload a couple of pics so you can see the mounting hardware.

    I have only used this vise a few times so far, but I like it a lot. Being able to rotate it in two different axis is a terrific feature. Not sure if it's heavy duty enough to stand up to heavy duty commercial use, but for a homeowner it should be good enough if it's not abused. Overall I recommend this vise. (Posted on 6/2/2015)

  12. Not used to an extent to test extreme durability...but Review by FixItWhenICan

    The product was well packaged for shipment and came as described. Overall visual quality was acceptable. (Posted on 5/26/2015)

  13. Great value in a vise Review by Sandblaster "Sandblaster"

    My experience with vises is pretty limited but this vise works just as well as any vise we have in our shop. I work at a valve manufacturing company and I know that the vises we have at work cost A LOT more than this one; like $3500 more but they essentially do the exact same thing. They hold something still while you're trying to work on it and this vise does exactly that and does it very well. This vise is a little sloppy when the jaws are open but as soon as you clamp something down, everything becomes very tight and usable. IMO, for home use, you really don't need anything else. (Posted on 5/25/2015)

  14. e vise works great. meets My expectations well worth the money Review by AI MIre

    The vise works great. meets My expectations
    well worth the money.
    The multi angle option makes precision welding fit up easy, works like a third hand tool (Posted on 5/25/2015)

  15. Great vise. Little more play in the jaws than ... Review by Amazon Customer

    Great vise. Little more play in the jaws than I thought but tightens up very good when jaws are clamped down. Overall very good vise I use this everyday (Posted on 5/24/2015)

  16. Excellent homeowner vise Review by T. Thomas

    Excellent homeowner vise. Arrived quickly, very well packaged, with no visible shipping damage to the package. Unlike some other reviews, mine did not include excessive grease nor any metal particles from machining. It operates smoothly, and you can spin it with one finger. As noted, it is surprisingly loose until the final tightening with the handle. Can be a bit of a nuisance when using magnetic protective jaws as the item wiggles around. But, still an excellent homeowner quality item and far, far less expensive than US-made vises. (Posted on 5/23/2015)

  17. Steve O. Review by Five Stars

    EXCELLENT buy @ $139.00. Very good vise!!!!!!! (Posted on 5/23/2015)

  18. "Grab-on" to this one! Review by cabullit

    Great articulation, easy to install, bites like Jaws!!! Nice unit. A++ (Posted on 5/23/2015)

  19. Great vice Review by Fourshots

    The vice is a great value and a quality piece of equipment. The head rotates from standard jaws to pipe jaws. When compared to vices costing double triple or more it is a great value (Posted on 5/12/2015)

  20. Excellent Vise in this price range Review by Big Guy

    Outside of quality vises that are multiple times more expensive, this vise is of excellent quality and meets all my expectations. Of any import vises, particularly Chinese, this vise is superior by a large margin and on par with some of the domestic vises.

    If you are interested in a rotating vise, this is really the only quality option other than the Swindens Vises which are far more expensive. DO NOT buy any other chinese import rotating vise, the quality is not to par with this vise, and with the Amazon pricing, there really isn't reason to buy any of the others.

    My impressions of the vise, the weight is impressive in comparison to the competition which would suggest thicker and stronger castings, and another important note is the use of higher quality, Ductile Iron which is much stronger than the brittle cast iron that most imports are made of. The jaws are well machined and sharp, and the pipe jaws work well as they are designed. The lockdowns for the swivel mechanism work well and do a good job of locking the vise into position. The spring loaded pin that holds the angle of the head of the vise works well and slips into one of 12 position. An important note, the pin holds the angle of the head so there is some play while the jaws are open, however once the jaws are clamped down, the vise is rock solid and will not rotate. The leadscrew of mine was well machined with no burrs or crappy threading anywhere along the screw, and the handle is free of defects as well. The anvil is flat and retains some swirls from machining, but is functionally satisfactory. The slide of the vise is well machined and has no defects or burs along its length and so slides well through the body of the vise.
    Out of the box the vise functioned smoothly and can be operated one handed. For good measure I applied graphite (lock-ease in my case) to the slide and between rotating portions of the body which further improved the function of the vise, as well as some Permatex Anti-Seize to the leadscrew which has graphite in it as well, and makes the leadscrew turn very smoothly.

    -All around the price is reasonable
    -Excellent weight for a 5" vise
    -Good execution of the multi-purpose functionality
    -Well threaded leadscrew
    -Casting free of defects and well painted.
    -Slide was smooth and well machined
    -Well-machined jaws
    -Vise locks down solid once clamped
    -Shipped double boxed with wood board in bottom

    - Not able to rotate the workpiece once the jaws are clamped due to design
    -Slight play when jaws are open, however it is minimal and non-existent once clamped.
    -Swivel mount is a bit tricky to use due to the balance and must be held level.
    -Would have preferred a larger handle.

    Overall this is a solid vise at a good price and should give many years of service. Just remember that this is a vise and not a hydraulic press, and that cheater pipes and hammers are NOT good for any vise. (Posted on 5/12/2015)

  21. Five Stars Review by PATRICIA FUNDERBURK

    My son loves this tool. (Posted on 5/11/2015)

  22. Under Rated High Quality Vise Review by Toyo496

    After researching heavy duty 5" or larger vises for weeks I decided to purchase the Yost 750 DI. It is big, strong, heavy and very accurately tight through out its motions. I compared it to all the other multi jaw vises available through HD and other stores and the Yost 750 DI weighs 23 lbs more than any other multi jaw vise!!! 23 lbs more!!! And has a Lifetime warranty! I spent some time on Google Images comparing it to other vises and it is much bigger!
    When I revieved the box I was surprised to see how beefy and heavy duty it was constructed. All of the jaws are precision cut and have sharp serrations on them to hold what you are working on. The vise cycles through it's pases very smoothly. I was concerned that it would not compare to the the $600 plus Wilton and Snap On vises I use at work, but I was wrong!! I would take this vise over any of the 5 high dollar big name vises at my work. The quality is much better! I used four 5/8" grade 8 bolts to mount it. Keep in mind this thing weighs 70 lbs, so be careful and use help while mounting it to the bench. I truly think this is the best vise you can get for $200 or less.
    This vise really doesn't need any improvements, but if I where to make it a hair better, I would increase the diameter of the sliding handle a few millimeters (it has never bent, but I see similiar sized handles on other vises bend) and I would apply some form of clear coat to all of the machined surfaces to prevent any long term rust from setting in.
    I mounted this vise to a Semi truck brake drum filled with concrete, I welded casters on the side so that I could move the beast easily around the shop, overall weight is over 350 lbs! On the back side I have a JD2 Notchmaster tubing notcher mounted. (Posted on 3/18/2015)

  23. Yost vice exceeds expectations! Review by Njoseven

    This vice was not a disappointment. I don't like buying things without seeing them, but I had to since the stores don't carry them. Rest assured you will like this vice if you get it. (Posted on 2/3/2015)

  24. Great Review by Charles Van Vrancken

    Better than expected. (Posted on 1/20/2015)

  25. Incredible value, best quality you will find for $200 Review by bmwman91

    I love this thing. As far as shop tools go, it is a general rule that anything that claims to be a multipurpose tool is going to be, at best, mediocre at all of the tasks it claims to work for. This vise is one of very few exceptions. The swiveling head is incredibly useful, and it is the highest quality vise I have seen at this price point. It is still no $1500 US-cast vise (and this one is NOT made in the US), but for $200 it is a tremendous value. The casting quality is visibly better than other ones you will see for the same price: no voids in the casting, no odd rough patches, the machined surfaces are cleanly milled and the powder coating is evenly applied. I did fully disassemble this vise when I got it and re-lubricate all of the sliding surfaces with some high quality grease, and I carefully filed some of the sliding surfaces because a little bit of powder paint got on to them, but other than that it is great.

    The only flaw I found was in the lead crew. The ACME threads were cut a little sloppily, so I stuck it into the lathe and cleaned up the thread faces with a fine triangular file. With that little clean-up task done, the lead screw turns nice and smooth. One other gripe, and it is a small one, is that the vise jaws will hit the mounting bolts if the jaws are oriented vertically and you are turning the thing about its vertical axis. It's easy enough to deal with, but I feel like it could sit a little higher to avoid that. One last note I have is about the locking pin for the vise jaw rotation. It is small, and make SURE that you have clamped the jaws down before smacking your workpiece around. That little pin looks like it will shear off pretty easily if you hammer on a loosely clamped workpiece. It has not happened to me (yet), but is seems plausible.
    (Posted on 12/30/2014)

  26. You will not be Disappointed with the vise or the packaging. Great Vise. Review by Sandan

    I purchased this vise to replace an old six inch vise that I have had for over thirty years but it lacks functionality. I am very please with this Yost and it has all the functionality that I require. Excellent quality and very heavy. Apparently they heard the folks that complained about the shipping because it was in two heavy duty boxes with wood liner on the bottom and cardboard spacers to hold it in place. I don't think you could damage it if you dropped it off the truck. I was very impressed with the packaging. (Posted on 12/26/2014)

  27. Tough Vise Review by Kyle

    This is as tough as they get. Very heavy duty vise with great versatility. Bi-axial rotation makes it perfect for all jobs. (Posted on 12/25/2014)

  28. Solid, versatile, large., Review by Joel

    The instructions ask for at least a 2 inch thickness of wood to which to bolt it down with 5/8 inch bolts. It is built for that kind force. I added a couple of levels of plywood to my bench so I could take advantage of that. Even with that much force it doesn't wobble once the work is clamped in it. (Posted on 12/22/2014)

  29. Best vise for homeowner by far! Review by Rennat "Rennat"

    I just got it yesterday and opened it. Installed it today. Fine craftsmanship and nicely finished blue paint. I have used a lot of vises and this one could be used in a commercial setting. Smooth rotation of all parts. Plus 60000 pound ductile iron. I would give it more stars if possible. Very happy and would buy again. Thank you Yost and Amazon. (Posted on 12/19/2014)

  30. Garrett C Review by Multitasking heavyweight

    This thing is a beast!!! I absolutely love having 'someone' who never tires of holding my crap!!! Definitely a heavy-weight with it comes to a shop vice, but it's definitely worth the price! I love this model's versatility with flat and pipe jaws and 360 x & y axis (Posted on 12/17/2014)

  31. use this on my welding table. just got it ..., Review by mark a turik

    use this on my welding table. just got it and it is mounted. the advantage of this yost is the 3-d positioning that i can now hold my work.
    really look forward to having this heavy vice in my work tool collection. (Posted on 12/3/2014)

  32. Better than expected Review by Patrick

    This is just a great vise. It works well right out of the box. It was packaged well in both cardboard and wood. It may have had a scratch or two on it...but if you are planning on using your vise instead of looking at it then this is of no concern. I really only have room for one vise and this is multifunction. I have this in my shop at home, but I would feel comfortable with it in an industrial application. Five big stars, all the way. (Posted on 11/10/2014)

  33. High quality, rugged! Review by joe winter

    Better than my friend's super expensive Wilton! (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  34. Good vise. Review by Rich

    Good all around vise. Rotation of very easy.
    Yost has a good reputation (Posted on 6/14/2014)

  35. DrewH Review by Awesome vise

    My vise came packed nicely, double boxed in a system that wouldn't allow it to move around much, and it also had a piece of wood that protects the feet. There isn't a scratch on it. I do agree though, if you did have trouble, you wouldn't want to have to pay return shipping. No regrets from me though, this thing looks great, and works great! (Posted on 6/12/2014)

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